Introduction to UGC-NET

Role of National Testing Agency (NTA)



The National Testing Agency (NTA) is responsible for conducting the UGC-NET on behalf of the University Grants Commission (UGC). This test determines the eligibility of Indian nationals for the roles of ‘Assistant Professor’ and 'Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Assistant Professor’ in Indian universities and colleges.

Format and Mode of UGC-NET

Since December 2018, the UGC-NET has been conducted by the NTA in a Computer Based Test (CBT) format.

Awarding of JRF and Assistant Professorship

  • Criteria for JRF and Assistant Professorship: Eligibility for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and/or Assistant Professorship is based on the aggregate performance in Paper-I and Paper-II of the UGC-NET.
  • Assistant Professorship Only: Candidates qualifying solely for Assistant Professorship are not eligible for JRF. Their recruitment is governed by the specific rules and regulations of the respective Universities, Colleges, or State Governments.

Examination Cycle

The UGC-NET is conducted biannually, in June and December, to maintain a regular examination schedule. For the UGC NET June 2023, the NTA, in agreement with the UGC, is conducting the exam in 83 subjects across selected cities nationwide.



UGC NET Online Coaching

Overview of UGC NET Online Coaching by Physics Wallah

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Specialized UGC NET Online Courses by PW

We offer specialized coaching for various subjects to help you prepare for the National Eligibility Test (NET) in June 2024. Our courses are tailored for subjects such as Commerce, Economics, Education, and History.

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Features of the Best UGC NET Online Coaching

Interactive Learning Environment

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Course Structure and Materials

  • Scheduler in PDF: Detailed course structure including topics, educators, and timings.
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Additional Support

  • A dedicated batch for Paper 1 (General Aptitude) to enhance overall preparation.

Study Resources for UGC NET Online Courses Program

Enroll in our UGC NET Online Coaching program to access comprehensive study materials designed to enhance your preparation. Key features of our study materials include:

Comprehensive Notes

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Solved Examples

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Practice Questions

  • Numerous practice questions, including conceptual and numerical problems, to apply knowledge and sharpen skills.

Previous Year Question Papers

  • Solve past UGC NET exam papers to understand the exam pattern, question types, and boost confidence.

Structured Topic-wise Approach

  • Study materials are meticulously structured, presenting topics in an organized manner for focused and efficient study.


Which is the best online coaching for UGC NET?

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Yes, the UGC NET exam is very hard, and enrolling in a UGC NET Online Coaching is recommended.

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Yes, the UGC NET Online Course by PW deeply covers the syllabus for all subjects and conducts live classes for comprehensive preparation.

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